The Three Secrets Of Getting A Professional Look Paint Job Inside Your House

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If you want to repaint a room in your house, but don't have the funds right now to hire a professional to paint the room for you, here are three secretes of professional painters you can use to get the best look possible.

#1 Move Everything Out Of The Room

Professional painters do not paint around furniture. A true professional will insist that all the furniture is removed from the room. Even if you cover up the furniture with plastic, something could still happen to the furniture. The best way to ensure that no accidents mark your paint job is by taking out all the furniture from the room you will be painting.

#2 Cover Everything Up

The second thing that professional painters always do is cover up everything that doesn't need to be painted. Put a drop cloth over the entire floor and tape the trap cloth down to the edge of the room; you don't want to have to fix or repair your flooring just because you wanted to paint a room.

Remove the light fixtures entirely from the walls and put them inside of zip-lock bags. Then, put tape over the openings where the light fixtures were at before. You don't want to have to scrape paint off your light fixtures.

Cover up all hardware in the room and if you are not planning on painting over the doors, cover those up as well.

If you have trim in your room that you don't want to paint, be sure to cover them up with painter's tape as well. It may take you a while to cover up everything in the room, but it is one of the best ways to get a professional look.

#3 Fix Cracks & Dents

Third, you need to fix cracks and dents before you start painting. You are going to want to fill all cracks and dents in your wall with either spackle or painters putty. If you leave the cracks and dents there, they are not going to look any better when they have another layer of paint on them. If anything, they may stand out a little more.

Once you have filled in the cracks and dents, be sure to use sandpaper to smooth out these areas once the spackle or painters putty. This will help these damaged areas blend in better. In fact, if you sand all of your walls, you'll get the smoothest finish possible when you paint the room.

Use the three tricks above to give a professional look to your newly painted room. To learn more, contact a company like Decorators Service Co., Inc.