3 Recommendations for Painting Your Outdoor Dog House

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Have you recently constructed a new outdoor dog house for your furry companion? If so, you probably would prefer something a bit more decorative than q simple unfinished wood design. The simple solution is to paint your dog's new abode. A painted dog house will add a more aesthetic appeal to your yard and even help protect the wood from deterioration.

Painting an exterior dog house requires a bit more thought than painting another outdoor structure, however. For one thing, you will want to be certain there are no harmful substances in any of the materials you use. To give you some guidence and inspiration, consider the following suggestions:

1. Keep Fido Safe

When painting your new dog house, you will want to be certain to use safe, non-toxic products. This means absolutely no lead, as this may poison your pet should your dog chew the wood. Choose an exterior latex paint to decorate the outside of the dog house. A high quality house paint should suffice.

Because wood is susceptible to damage from the weather and the sun's ultraviolet rays, you might want to protect the wood first by treating it before you paint it. One way to do so is by treating the exterior of the dog house with linseed oil. It's safe and non-toxic and will help protect the wood from decay, chipping and splintering.

2. Use a Weather Proof Primer First

If you are really concerned about weatherproofing the dog house exterior wood, head on over to your local home improvement store. Look for a weatherproof primer. Apply one or two coats (or as directed on the label) before you paint the dog house. Be sure to apply the primer to all sides, the roof and the bottom. Allow one area to dry completely before applying the next application.

If you prefer an easy task, purchase an all-in-one weatherproof primer and combination paint. This will save you the time of having to first prime then paint.

3. Consider the Climate

You might be wondering what your climate has to do with painting a dog house. The answer is quite simple and it pertains to the color of paint you choose. You may be aware that dark colors tend to trap warmth and heat, while lighter colors stay cool.

Do you live in a cold climate? If so, keep your dog warm and comfortable by painting the exterior of the dog house dark color, such as navy blue, dark green, or even black. Conversely, if you liver in a warm climate, choose a light color to paint the dog house exterior. Lemon yellow, powder blue or any pastel shade will help your pet stay cool, as they reflect the sun nicely.  

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