4 Tips For Using Different Paint Types When Doing Home Renovations

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If you are doing renovations to your home, the most important choices that you have make are the colors and finishes for the interior paint. You have choices of glossy finishes, texture and colors. Each of the different types of paint finishes are going to be used for different rooms or purposes for interior design. Here are some interior paint finishing tips to help with doing renovations to your home:

1. Use the Right Primer for The Different Interior Finishes

One of the mot important tasks when doing interior painting is choosing the right primer. You will use the primer to prevent other colors from bleeding through or to get a better finish. Talk with a painting service about the type of primer that should be used for different finishes in your home, such as using a light primer to cover up old dark-colored paint or using a primer to get more of a flat finish over a semi-gloss finish.

2. Use Flat Finishes in Areas That You Will Never Clean

Flat finishes are good for areas that rarely need to be clean, and where you do not want to have glares. Some of the places where you may want to use a flat finish include ceilings, offices and rooms that you do not have a risk of getting dirty. It is difficult to clean flat paint, so you do not want to have flat finishes, such as in kitchens, bathrooms or children's rooms.

3. Consider Different Cleanable Finishes for Areas That Get the Most Abuse

There are also different types of cleanable finishes that you can use for interior painting. If you want to have a finish that is easy to clean but does not have a shiny glare, use a semi-gloss finish. For finishes that get the most wear and you want to be able to clean the easiest, use a glossy finish.

4. Use Custom Textured Finishes for Interior Design and Décor

Custom textured finishes are great to use for interior design and décor. You can use the textured finishes for things like creating the look of wood and other materials on walls. These types of finishes are also referred to as faux finishes, which is a popular paint finishing technique for interior painting in homes.

These are some interior paint finishing tips to help with doing home renovations. If you need help with painting and finishing, contact interior house painting services to help complete your renovations.