Three Basic Deck Care Tips You Should Be Following

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Your home's deck may be one of its features that will receive intense use by your family. This makes it important to ensure the deck is a well maintained and safe area. To this end, homeowners will frequently be unsure of what they should be done to care for their deck. While there are some basic responsibilities that will need to be met, this work is not particularly complicated or time-consuming.

Keep The Deck Clean

Every week, you should clean the deck. At a minimum, this should involve sweeping away any debris that may have fallen on it. Failing to remove this debris can contribute to rot forming as the debris will prevent moisture from quickly evaporating after it rains. Every few months, you should perform a thorough scrubbing of the deck so that dirt and grime is removed. This will minimize scuffing and also prevent moisture retention.

Repair Chips And Scratches

Due to the intense use that your deck will experience, it may suffer chips and scratches. These may not seem like structurally significant issues, but they can create a hole in the protection the deck enjoys from its sealant. As a result, water can get inside the wood where it may cause it to rot. Whenever you notice scratches or chips, you should apply a wood filler to it. These fillers will prevent moisture from seeping through the hole while also reinforcing the wood so that the issue is not at risk of spreading.

Seal The Deck

Every couple of years, the deck should be sealed. When this work is done, a protective coating is applied that will prevent water from soaking into the wood and damaging it. Sealing the deck will be one of the more labor-intensive parts of caring for it as the previous sealant will need to be removed. Due to the work involved, homeowners will often simply outsource this step to deck care professionals. When you are choosing a new sealant and wood finish for your deck, you should consider opting for one that also provides protection against UV light. This is the most energetic wavelength of light, and it can cause wood to bleach over the years. By choosing a sealant that blocks these rays of lights, you can help to preserve the rich color of your deck for as long as possible. After the seal has been applied, you will need to avoid using the deck for several days so that it can fully dry and cure.