Choosing The Current Paint Color Trends? Or Going With Paint Colors That Fit The Home's Age?

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When you decide to repaint your home's interior, you have a lot of options. You could hire a residential interior painting service, and ask the painters to use the current paint color trends. You could also research the age of your home to see what colors would be appropriate to restore the home to the way it might have looked when the home was built. Here are some helpful hints to guide you in making this decision. 

Consult an Interior Decorator, or Interior Decorating Magazines

An interior decorator can tell you what the current home trends are for paint colors. You can also find out what those colors are by looking through several popular home decorating magazines. For added inspiration, watch a bunch of cable TV shows that focus on home remodeling and repainting. You may decide that you do not like the current color trends and that you would rather look at other options. Popular paint color fads in the past included very dark colors, very somber colors, country colors, and very bright colors. 

Repainting the House in Keeping with the Age of the Home

When you have a much older house, it is suitable to return to color schemes that were common at the time that the house was built. For example, the home that was built in the 1950s would have pastel color schemes such as powder puff blue, pink, mint green, lilac, and goldenrod yellow. A home that was constructed in 1890 would be mostly whitewashed white, or wallpapered with small flowers and striped patterns. You can consult an interior decorator for this too, and he or she might have some very good ideas bases on historical references what colors of paint and prints of wallpaper you could use to redo the walls in your home. The painters can do wallpaper or paint; whichever you prefer. 

Not everyone likes the colors and wallpaper stylings that would be best suited to the age of your home. You will have to decide if you prefer these to the current common paint color trends, or if you are going to go with a third option, your own personal color preferences. If it helps, the painters can put swatches of paint on the walls so that you can see what each choice might look like if you painted the entire walls or papered entire walls with those colors and/or styles of wallpaper.