Repainting The Interior & Exterior Of A House

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As a homeowner, you should focus on maintaining or increasing the value of your home, even if you don't have any intention of selling it. Maximizing your home's value can be helpful if you apply for a home equity loan in the future.

Keeping your house's exterior and interior paint in an appealing condition is one way to maintain value. When a home has paint that is faded, peeling, or chipped, the value of the home decreases and the paint's appearance detracts from the home's overall appeal. If you have avoided repainting your house, hire a professional painting contractor to tackle the work and give your home more value.

Obtaining a Professional Painting Estimate

When a professional painter estimates what painting your house will cost, they'll consider factors such as the number of walls that are being painted and the extent of preparation that the painting contractor must perform before painting. The height of the walls can also play a role in the price you are quoted, as tall walls may cost more to paint than walls that are of an average height. A contractor may have to visit your home to provide a price estimate depending on the size of the painting project.

Preparing Walls for the Painting Process

Properly preparing walls is one of the services that is included with a professional paint job. For instance, your interior and exterior walls will be cleaned before they are painted. Old, flaking paint left on the walls will also be removed during the preparation process. You can count on the finished paint job to look appealing and professional.

Keeping Your Home Safe from Paint Damage

A mistake that homeowners sometimes make while attempting to paint their home on their own is not protecting their possessions and flooring from spilled paint. Professionals are careful about protecting the belongings of their customers before painting walls and know how to do so effectively. For example, to prevent paint from accidentally spilling on the carpet in your house, the floors will be covered with plastic. Plants and outdoor furniture might be covered when the exterior of your house is painted.

In case of accidental damage, professional painting contractors also have liability insurance, which allows customers to file a claim if it is necessary. Between the safety precautions and the ability to reimburse you for any potential damage, you can put your mind at ease when you hire a professional painter.