3 Indicators That It Is Time To Paint Your Home's Exterior

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If you want to maintain your home in perfect condition for many years, you must embrace routine care and maintenance. Many factors can affect the value of your home. However, you can still make a great impression and maintain it by keeping the exterior paint fresh. The essential thing is inspecting the house and determining when surfaces start deteriorating. Here are three ways to tell that your home needs a fresh coat of paint. 

The Walls Have Visible Damage

Signs of visible damage include peeling, chipping, cracking, and bubbling. These are often indications that DIYselfer did not apply the paint properly the first time. When the person handling the painting does not do it well, it starts disintegrating faster than it should, creating early and unnecessary damage. If it has been a while since you repainted the house, the damage could be simply because of constant exposure to the weather elements like water, wind, and UV rays. It is crucial to have a paint contractor assess cracked walls because often, they will have mildew, dry rot, and even mold damage. Before repainting the exterior walls, you should restore walls that have suffered this damage. 

You Have to Sell the Home

The way you view a house as its owner and how the prospective buyer views it are two completely different viewpoints. You might think that you do not need an exterior paint job for an additional two years or so because you do not have the money for it. However, if someone wants to resell their home soon, they will want it to look perfect for prospective buyers and paint it sooner. Repainting the home's exterior requires money, but you can always recover the costs after the house is on the market. Also, if you are painting your home ahead of reselling, consider the market trends. 

Fading, Shrinkage, and Gaps in the Siding

Faded paint is a sign of deterioration, and it means that UV light has washed out all the color from your walls. Shrinkage happens because, with time, the different components of a building succumb to the weather elements. Gaps in the siding and shrinkage of the other materials make the home look untidy. Repainting helps you cover up some of the damage.

Repainting your home breathes some new life into the exterior walls. It also raises the curb appeal and makes your home more valuable. Hire an exterior painter to help you give your home a makeover and prolong its lifespan.