3 Things To Know About Interior House Painting

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There are numerous things to consider when painting your home's interior. First, finding the right paint shades is crucial, but there's more to painting than selecting colors. Many other factors, like paint quality, sheen, and application technique, will significantly impact the results. If you are about to tackle interior home painting, research and preparation will pay off. Here are three things to know about interior house painting. 

Sheen Matters As Much As Shade

When selecting interior paint, it's easy to get hung up on finding the right shade. However, once the paint is applied, the sheen will impact the results as much as the color. The paint sheen describes how shiny the paint will be once dried. You have a few options for paint sheen: matte, semi-matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. The more matte paint is, the better it covers imperfections. However, matte paint is difficult to clean. On the other end of the spectrum, glossy paints are very easy to clean but can highlight flaws.

Dry Times Vary

Another thing to know about interior home painting is how long it will take. While your home's size and whether you hire professional painters significantly impact the timeline for interior painting, the paint's dry time also plays a role in how long it takes. Paint dry times vary depending on paint formulation, application technique, and the number of coats needed. Other factors like ventilation, humidity levels, and temperature also play roles in dry times. You will also need to wait a few hours between coats of paint. Water-based paints typically have a quicker dry time than oil-based ones. 

Quality Matters

Another thing to consider when it comes to interior house painting is that quality matters. First, you will want to select the highest quality interior paint within your budget. Higher quality interior paint will look better and last longer. Second, the quality of the paint application also matters. Hiring professional interior painters is the best way to get proper paint application. The professionals know how to apply paint properly to your home's interior.

There are a few things to know about interior house painting. First, the sheen of interior paint matters as much as the color does when it comes to how it looks on your walls. Second, paint dry times will vary depending on the paint formula and application technique. Finally, quality matters a lot when it comes to interior house painting.

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