Painting Your Home A Neutral Shade? 3 Painting Ideas To Add Personality

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Giving the exterior of your home a facelift with a fresh coat of paint can provide a drastic difference. A new coat of paint can improve curb appeal and eliminate visible wear and tear on the exterior, but it can also come with some questions about how to get the look you really want. 

While painting your home a neutral shade can be ideal for giving it a timeless appearance, it can also lead to a lack of personality. If you want your home to still stand out and reflect your own personal tastes, consider the following paint ideas that can personalize your home. 

Front Door

Painting the front door is a fantastic way to add personality to your home since it makes it easy to add a pop of color without looking out of place. Finding a complementary color to the paint you've chosen for the exterior of your house can make it easy to enjoy a cohesive look that goes well together. 

Some ideas for colors to use include a vivid yellow, hunter green, or crimson red. Get inspired by trends to find a color that makes your home look unique with the knowledge that you can repaint the door in the future without much effort. 


Another area of the home that can be painted to add personality is the trim around the windows. The trim not only highlights your windows, but it can also provide some contrast between your home's exterior and the windows. 

While it's common to paint the trim white, take a look at your neighbor's homes or get recommendations from your painting contractor. 


A unique way to make your home stand out by painting is to choose two different colors. This is often found in homes with multiple stories since the bottom and upper floors can be painted distinct colors. Even single-story homes could be painted with a two-tone design by painting a separate area, such as by the garage or near the entry, to stand out from the other area. 

Painting the exterior of your home can be a fantastic way to enjoy how it looks and have it reflect your personality. Since a neutral shade can be ideal for the exterior of your home, it's a good idea to explore the different options you have for painting. From a colorful front door to trying two different colors together, you can follow the above tips to give your home a unique appearance you'll enjoy. For more information on exterior home painting, contact a company near you.